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If you plan to get back into virtual football management I suggest Football Manager, as that is the current name of the Sports Interactive teams product. Excellent game-play and content both off and on-line, and the ability to personalize teams and players to a great extent, makes this one of the best games ever. The on-line Word Cup tournament was a hit, and probably allowed for numerous embarrassing moments for players using five star teams, and getting beaten by those with three star teams. If you follow other sports such as basketball in the video game realm, then you are well aware of the similarly tricked out games. Since then the FIFA series has been a mainstay in my video game collection and, though I have played a variety of game both football and non-football related, FIFA is always top dog.

The next step in football gaming was provided by a company once called the Connecticut Leather Company. Coleco entered the console systems market in the summer of 1982, following a lengthy period on the sidelines after the failure of its Telstar-labeled version of Pong in 1976. ColecoVision arrived in June amidst much fanfare and a number of exclusive, high-profile arcade game licenses that included Donkey Kong, Venture, and Carnival.

World Wide Soccer

There were just 18 plays in the playbook, but all sorts of juke, spin, dive, and stiff-arm moves were allowed on the field. NFL Blitz was more about what you did after calling the play than it was about choosing wisely. The Nintendo 64 version even included a play editor that would connect to the arcade version of the game so you could exchange plays. The final entry in the GameDay series came in 2003, with the release of NFL GameDay 2004.

  • The developer has now officially been made a part of 2K Games, a new publishing banner under Take-Two’s wing.
  • Cinemaware didn’t bother with either an NFL or an NFLPA license, but careful observers could tell who was supposed to be whom thanks to detailed player ratings.
  • In celebration of the Euro 2016 and Copa America Centenario 2016 soccer championships, Facebook has hidden a game of its own inside the Messenger app.

You just need a soccer ball and friends to play with! There are lots of fun games that you can play with friends that also help you practice your soccer skills, at the same time. Here are our Top 5 fun soccer games to play free soccer games online with friends.

The new EA soccer simulation now free for Android

In case of any Aggressive redirection, please close your browser’s tab. I won’t say it’s the football experience but it’s a good time pass. You’ll get bored after a month or so but it’s worth a try. Take part in the most immersive free football simulation and show that you are the best on the pitch.

Real Football 2012

The premise behind it is that a player is supposed to develop their soccer career by starting out in the lower divisions of the sport and gradually progressing all the way up to the pinnacle. NBC’s Telemundo holds the Spanish-language rights to the World Cup. The company is airing all of the World Cup games live in Spanish on its Peacock app. The first 12 games were available on the platform’s free tier, but going forward games will stream on its $5-a-month Peacock Premium subscription package. This is the cheapest way to watch games live in the US without cable. When users hold a card of a football captain, they receive a bonus in points of 20%.

Whether you’re looking for something a bit more strategic or something with a faster pace, there are plenty of other great soccer games worth checking out. And if you don’t mind venturing out into other sports, you’ll have even more options at your disposal. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others.

The finest quarterback in NFL history finally lent his name to a football game as he was nearing the end of his career in 1990. San Francisco 49ers great Joe Montana signed on the dotted line with Sega that year, and the result was one of the longest-running console football series of all time. Joe Montana Football and its successors helped establish the Sega Genesis as the premier 16-bit console system on the market, particularly for sports gamers. The basic act of depicting 11 players on the field sucked up just about all of the resources that the Commodore 64 could call on, so models were little more than stick figures with jittery arms and legs. Even though 4th and Inches came out two years after Hardball, it looked as if it had been designed two years before. Licensing such hot properties and providing consumers with near-perfect home versions of these quarter-a-play favorites made the system a huge early success.


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The Orange Star Army is accused of attacking troops of foreign nations without any provocation. In this highly-charged game, you can play from both sides and defeat the enemies using Battle Maps, efficient thinking, and intelligent techniques. Simply put, Advance Wars is a powerful GBA game and you should not miss it if you love strategy games. Gunstar Future Heroes is another GBA game that is high on octane and you are going to love playing the game solely because of its exciting plot. It has a Shoot ’em up theme where you have to face a large number of enemies and shoot them while dodging their attacks. The game is set in an extraterrestrial world where you have to protect the mystical stones.

It might not be able to play your best Nintendo DS games well, but it can do everything older than that. This is the best handheld under $60 as of now, and we respect the small price tag because it opens up the best retro handhelds for an audience that perhaps can’t afford to pay $100+ for one. It houses a 2600 MAH battery which can last up to 5 hours of gameplay, and it has flared trigger buttons which are a bit different compared to others on the list, but nonetheless great. It also has a higher resolution screen of 640 x 480 making it even crispier than the RG350P. The internals are the same, so this will still be able to emulate all of your retro games up to Playstation 1 by installing your ROMS. The RG350 was released in October 2019 and received most of its attention for the ability to play PS1 ROMs near perfectly all while having superb build quality.

Super Nintendo

In fact you have to hold down start or select while booting the game to turn off the upscale in favor of native. Major downsides are the needed batteries and no lighting option for the screen. It is engineered to optimize speed and performance for a seamless gaming experience.

  • Presently, you have all the tools at your disposal necessary to relive those forgotten emotions.
  • Due to the 8bit nature of the samples background white noise was commonplace in most GBA games.
  • The strongest evidence of Nintendo’s involvement with these emulators, our source said, was the security signature on the NSP files.
  • The girl games online setting is unique; instead of the expected Medieval era of the other games, Aria of Sorrow takes place in the future.

There are 10 levels of action and adventure to punch and defeat the enemies with pure classical game-play environment. Metal Slug Advance is SNK’s brilliant take on the best GBA games. With a variety of innovations and extremely engaging gameplay, Metal Slug Advance offers the best Shoot’em Up experience you’ll ever find in any other game.

Nostalgia aside, this game pushes players to explore the world at the typical Sonic breakneck speed. However, it differs somewhat in that your friends are ever present to help you solve puzzles and take on the wicked Dr. Egg Man. The multiple playable characters mean that there’s a character for each play style. As a child I discoverd a cheat code combination on the start-up screen that unlocks all of the characters. There’s something special about figuring out how to jimmy the system and start from the first level by busting foes up with Knuckles. In September 2005, Nintendo released a second redesign of the Game Boy Advance.

Parts and shells for Game Boy offer

After work in taxis, ‘love hotels’, and many other opportunities, Nintendo began work in the electronics market and slowly became the Nintendo we know and love today. Nintendo has released the iOS and Android version of it’s hit racing series “Mario Kart” on Wednesday, but for those of us waiting to download the game ran into a few issues. Nintendo sent an in-app notification to all users who downloaded the game and were not able to play right away… Welcome to our community of gamers, feel free to start exploring and playing the best titles of history.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

Buying other consoles is not a choice for everyone, and it shouldn’t be the only option. Then again, Switch doesn’t even allow its users to mod their games, even though it’s perfectly legal under the developers, publishers, and other gaming platforms like Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation. For example, you would have to hack the Switch to mod Minecraft. There’re various reasons why the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have retro compatibility with games from older Nintendo consoles. Therefore, using Homebrew apps has many functionality issues.


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The game has rich visuals and decent pitching, hitting, and fielding mechanics. MLB fans will find licenses for all the teams and players of the time, and playing through the 162-game season is a fun and exciting experience. Not counting Mario sports titles, Baseball Advance was easily the most impressive sports sim to come to GBA. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to play this game with friends. At the Golden Joystick Awards, it won two awards, for Game of the Year and Best Advert of the Year.

  • The Game Boy Advance was a smart continuation of what Nintendo achieved with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, transforming what we believed was possible with portable gaming.
  • Yeah, I acknowledge your point, but I don’t know what to do with it.
  • This cheat allows your Pokemon to instantly kill enemy Pokemon by boosting their damage to a higher value.
  • Many years ago,the world witnessed an explosion that created four moons and ended the evil empire of Golden Silver.

Let us proceed and investigate the game’s hidden features. This is a bit of a complicated game to newcomers, so before going on an explanation is required. This brief explanation will not go into most of the rules, as that would take too long. The deck would consist of monster, magic and traps cards, and each turn the player would lay them onto the battlefield.

Platforms That Support Sega Dreamcast ROMs

The story is more-less a kid who is getting into the game goes Cooking Games – Kitchen Games to the local card shop to play with other people…and this works very well. The other games either tried to mimic the anime/comics or tried to spin their own massive stories, but this game kept it simple and to the point. In many regards, this makes the story more realistic (as it implies that the game unlike in the Pokémon Trading Card Game that its a world obsession) and in some respects stronger. While it would have been nice to see it a bit further, it works. Despite the games’ oldie-looking graphics, thousands of players specifically for PC and 3DS consoles are still enjoying the Red & Blue. For this topic, I will cover some useful Pokemon Blue cheats that could help you advance in your game.

A flash cartridge is one of several cartridges containing flash memory that have been developed for use in video game consoles.These cartridges enable homebrew applications and games to be used. A hero of legend arose from humble beginnings, awoken to his purpose by a princess of Hyrule. With the Master Sword, the blade of evil’s bane, he sought the descendents of the Seven Sages.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Shining Victory GBA ROM:

You will be funded by an anonymous person while playing the game, which may leave you feeling confused as to whether they want a powered-up team or if they want more information about Pokemon. All Pokemon from generations one to seven will be available to you, along with new regions waiting to be explored. The Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma hack is a blend of the classic Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal games with some elements from FireRed thrown in.

Climate change has devastated the planet, Pokemon are on the verge of extinction, and some have been genetically modified into weapons of mass destruction. There are doomsday cults, child abuse, drugs, prostitution, profanity, brainwashing, terminal illnesses, and evil doctors. Throughout all of this, you have to stop a bunch of evildoers from somehow making the dyspokeia worse with their plan to reshape the Universe by manipulating a PokeGod. The story may sound typical, but it is remixed with brilliant twists, turns, and events.

The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds

Players must throw an ant through a goal in Soccer mode. Mega Soccer mode is just like normal Soccer mode only with more ants available on the play field. Virtual Kasparov is the bare minimum for a chess game and it is hard to give it a decent score when Chessmaster beats it in every way.


Soccer Games Play Free Soccer Games online at A10 com

Soccer Kid uses his soccerball to attack enemies, and is able to control it and send it flying in different directions. If he loses the ball, he can simply summon it back to his feet by holding down the kick button. The object of the game is to score more soccer goals than your opponent. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Take the challenge of running your own club and write your own story.

Also, DirecTV Stream offers unlimited cloud DVR for recording games. With Fox and Telemundo in its channel lineup, a subscription to fuboTV is a great way to live stream USA vs. Iran online — with either English or Spanish commentary. FuboTV costs $69.99 per month, but starts with a seven-day free trial, so you can watch USA vs. Iran online for free during the trial window.

Fox and Fox Sports 1 (FS

With a combination of strategy and actual gameplay, Football, Tactics & Glory might be an option worth exploring. It’s not the best of the best in either category, but it does a good job of blending the two and giving people a casual option that they might enjoy. For those wanting to really benefit from playing on PC compared to consoles, some modding communities release some interesting options for offline players. Every single year, FIFA knows that other options are trying to push them a little bit. They introduce new modes, re-work gameplay as much as possible, and balance everything out to make it a true simulation. While it might play a little too arcade-like for some, others feel like it is a game that they can really immerse themselves in and go from there.

  • By downloading different versions and analyzing them carefully, we have been able to find the right one.
  • FIFA estimated over 265 million people around the world play football.
  • In this game, users can win matches to earn points which can be used to upgrade their stadiums in order soccer games online for free to gain qualifications into higher divisions.

The objective is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal. Sounds easy, but achieving that takes a lot of effort. Your rivals will try to take the ball away and score themselves. Find weak spots in the enemy’s defense, and exploit them. MLS was formed in the United States and was once considered the landing spot for aging European stars.

If you Like Playing Soccer, You May Also Want to Play These Sports Games

You’ll use your feet most often for passing or shooting, but touches with other parts of your body can help you get the ball under control. During the match, you’ll return to the center circle for a kickoff every time a goal is scored. Practice matches with fewer players, like 4-on-4 matches, will help since you have fewer players to keep up with.Watching pro matches can also help you build this skill mentally. Pay attention to where all the players are on the field and focus on how players choose their passes and shots. Pay attention to where all players are on the field at all times.

Bubble Shooter World Cup

Street soccer is a lot different from the soccer games played in a stadium. It is usually a 2v2 or a 3v3 scenario where the players have to put the ball in each other’s nets to win. A stadium match is played between teams that have 11 players on each side. Kevin Tom’s Football Manager is a neat little soccer simulator.


Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA ROMs

Moreover, ROM is non-volatile, which means that it can keep the content safe in any situation. Not going to happen without serious serious effort, far more than it would be worth compared to just getting a better emulator, a flash cart, or a better GBA playing device. Click the Open icon to select the ROMs you’d like to use. When the ROMs are loaded you will be able to select each one in the left side of the window, then alter settings for them individually. The Scale and Offset values, for example, will alter how the game’s graphic display shows up on the Game Boy Advance screen.

This new generation website is highly convenient and easy to use. With its easy navigation tools, you can easily find out your games from its extensive database. It even provides lots of emulators for running game ROMs and ISO files. To save you from the hassle of finding the best-suited option, here we have prepared a well-researched list of best ROM sites for you. So, without further ado let’s dive into the world of ROM sites.

  • In Pokemon Emerald, the only place where Deoxys may be caught is Birth Island.
  • Use ROM Patcher JS, see section How to Patch .IPS or .UPS files using ROM Patcher JS.
  • Hi there, sorry but we don’t give out information related to roms here.

Use it to play Rom files online without downloading them directly. There are a number of different ROM files available on this website and users can choose according to their requirements. ROM files for both iOS and Android devices are available here, so it becomes easy for all users to access these files that are available on this website. The post you have the required ROM, click on it to check the list of download links available for use.

Can downloading ROMs from ROM sites damage my computer?

This is why this emulator is more online pokemon games suitable for users who like to get into the nitty-gritty of the software and are used to handling complicated procedures. In attempts to make this emulator look realistic, the default colors of the display have been set to appear a tad bit duller. In that regard, it remains authentic to the original GameBoy Advance console that we all know. The BatGBA is perhaps the most straightforward and easy-to-use emulator on this list.

Sort ROMs in an alphabetical order and use the Find and Replace browser to find them. GBA ROMS are like fragments of code that help run that heavy-duty games on your system without installing any gigantic software or any hassle whatsoever. So as these tools are so in-demand, most sites, just for the sake of earning money, show false ads.

Honorable Mention: Pokémon Renegade Platinum

With popular rom hacks like The Legend of Zelda Parallel World’s it seems clear that fans wanted to milk the experience for all it was worth. In fact there have been some phenomenal fan made tributes of Zelda games of late. The most impressive has to be the Ocarina of Time 2D remake. Imagine A Link to the Past meets Ocarina of Time and Voila. It is truly one of the best adventure games to come out of the 16bit era.

Pokemon Fire Red

When playing Pokemon Gaia, I was surprised by the amazing features that were there in a beautiful rom hack. Pokemon dark rising is a fan-made game that was created by the team of DarkRisingGirl. They used the Pokemon FireRed rom as the base for this game.

The English grammar is off a bit, but the story and graphics make this one a very fun and engaging experience. Although Pokémon Adventure Red Chapter is slightly older than some of the games on this list, it still stands out as one of the best Pokémon ROM Hacks. The game follows strictly the adventures manga based on trainer red, taking a unique twist on the Pokémon games. Instead of battling gym leaders for badges, you fight your opponent’s cronies and their genetically modified Pocket Monsters. The game features a new area, story and end game content.


Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 details “Skill Battle” mode and online play, “Turn the Tables” trailer

Players can target other players to attack, and targeted opponents can attack back. Attacking another player play the free version of Tetris right here on our website fills the bottom of their play area with garbage blocks, sending the top of their stack closer to the top of the screen, which results in a KO once the stack reaches the top. In a nutshell, Tetris 99 is exactly the same Tetris you grew up with. You move the blocks with the left D-Pad while using the analog sticks to target players to receive whatever garbage blocks you earn. But there’s 98 besides yourself and that process will be slow and clunky and should only be used late in the game, if at all.

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  • Super Mario Bros. 3 felt very responsive on both of our systems.
  • Indie developer and publisher KO_OP has released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming narrative adventurer game, Goodbye Volcano High.

Note that you can’t download Tetris 99 without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and you can’t download it on any platform outside of Nintendo Switch. If you aren’t a Nintendo Switch Online member, you’ll need to sign up and pay for the service. Also note that your opponents will never receive more than 12 lines .

Inflexion Games has partnered with Intel for their upcoming game Nightingale

The best way to get that baller fix without getting off the couch is with a few pick-up games of NBA 2K20. Or, select your favourite team, play a new season, and maybe you can rise to the level of GOAT. NBA 2k20 has more realistic player controls, advanced shooting, refined collisions and a new dribbling system for the most authentic basketball experience in gaming.

It has a streamlined command system, a gamepad-friendly icon-driven interface, and fast-paced tactical gameplay that’s just as satisfying on your own or with a friend. TouchArcade covers the latest games and apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. We are the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPod Touch gaming.

The Tetris® 99 digital game includes an online game mode as a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online members.

With the exception of Swap and Fusion modes, each player can independently choose between Puyo and Tetris styles. Versus mode is a standard match in which players face off against each other with their chosen style. By performing chain combos in Puyo style or clearing lines in Tetris style, garbage is sent over to the player’s opponents, which appears as Garbage Puyos in Puyo style and added lines in Tetris style. In most cases, players are eliminated once their playing field is filled over the top, and the last player standing wins the round. The solo and local multiplayer modes are varied and fun, and if you playedPuyo Puyo Tetris,you’ll recognise many of them here. Straight versus matches are available, but it’s the other modes that are more fun.

Nintendo Switch Online Coupons

Big Bang challenges you to place Puyos or Tetriminos in pre-set patterns, while Fusion mixes Puyos and Tetriminos on the same screen. Other modes add in additional elements, like giving you a health meter or throwing modifier blocks into the mix. The rest of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 consists of the Online, Lesson and Customization spaces.


Super Mario World Hacks

It was awarded Best Sequel of 1992 by Electronic Gaming Monthly. In response, a stranger named Agahnim appeared as if from nowhere and stayed the catastrophes with mighty magic. As a reward, the king gave him a new position as chief adviser to the throne, and the common folk proclaimed him their hero. Agahnim began to govern Hyrule in place of the king and abuse his political power as he saw fit. Rumors spread saying that Agahnim planned to kill the king and take the crown for himself, and that strange magical experiments were taking place in the castle tower at night.

  • The graphics were also superb for their time, and the music was catchy and upbeat.
  • Zirros and Pikits rule on the land, and a band of Zora’s Spawn took over the cold waters of the lake.
  • You must not forget to check out the list of top downloads and try your hand at some of the most loved games of the decades gone by.
  • You also may realize that you won’t be able to find enough time to play all of the Game Boy Advance ROMs you would like to download.

Pokemon – Fire Red Version is the enhanced version of the original Red version released for the Game Boy system in 1996 . You will take on an adventure in the Kanto region, which is based on the real-life Kanto region in Japan. In this game, you will take on the same adventure as a Pokemon trainer trying to become the master Pokemon by defeating other trainers, gym leaders, and the Elite Four. Pokemon Stadium 2 is the second installment in the Pokemon Stadium series, which was released in and for the Nintendo 64 system. In this game, you can find 100 more Pokemon to catch and battle with. The list of Pokemon creatures is based on the original Red, Blue, and Yellow version.

Open the nearby chest to find your first heart container ❤️. Once outside, open your map 🗺️ and go to the house marked on the map 📍. There’s a lady inside who doesn’t know where the elder is but instead tells you the legend of the Master Sword. Elsewhere in Kakariko Village, there’s a little blue-haired boy who knows the elder’s location and he will mark it on the map 📍 for you. There are not a lot of places to explore this early on so walk north to Hyrule Castle 🏰. The door is blocked but take the right-side detour then walk north along play pokemon on pc the castle wall.

Advance Wars (U)(X-Syte)

Now you can have the best guide and database to download GBA … Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Customize in-game FPS for an incredibly seamless gaming performance. – GBA Emulator on PC with BlueStacks and enjoy the premier GBA experience on Android today. So these were some of the best GBA emulators for Windows PC and Android smartphones. Do share any other personal recommendations in the comments section below.

GBA is also an abbreviation for generic bootstrapping architecture and graph-based algorithm, but those terms have nothing to do with Game Boy Advance files. • A very powerful screen layout editor, with which you can define the position and size for each of the on-screen controls, as well as for the game video. • On-screen keypad (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or later), as well as shortcut buttons such as load/save. The setting can be a bit complicated compared to other available emulators.

Dungeon Traps

That’s cause all the games are organized by the genre and the year it originally came out. Plus, you can use various filters in the searching engine such as rating, release decade, and other keywords so it’s easy to find something specific. One of the best GBA emulators that is reasonably accurate when it comes to taking complete control over the game. John GBA emulator offers tons of extra features including built-in cheats, turbo buttons, SD card support, Dropbox support, and ways to improve the rendering. The biggest issue with RetroArch is its reasonably steep learning curve.

On top of that, it is an open-source platform that makes it unique and user-favorite. Finding a great GBA emulator for Android in 2022 is easy, and you don’t have to pay any money to enjoy the best GBA games on your smartphone or tablet. To make emulated GBA games even more enjoyable to play, we recommend you use an Android gaming controller. IIf you prefer to keep your ROM collection compressed, you’ll need to opt for a GBA emulator that supports .ZIP or .7z formats. Unfortunately, not all of the GBA emulators available on Google Play support compressed ROM files. Double-check the emulator app’s details on the Google Play store to make sure that it explicitly states that it supports compressed game ROMs.


Soccer Fun Free Addicting Game

All stay active 24 hours, and they offer effective detailing about a wide variety of sports events, news, and other analytics. If you want to record some amazing moments of the sports game and create a funny or memorable video, we recommend you try Wondershare Filmora. You can record from your PC screen, webcam, and voiceover. After recording, you can also edit videos by adding text, titles, and transitions. Remember to join in theWondershare Video Community to watch more inspirational videos.

  • Bono the hero for Morocco – saved Olmo’s free-kick late on and then saved two of Spain’s spot-kicks, with Sarabia hitting the post on the first one.
  • FIFA does deliver one of the most realistic football / soccer simulations to your smartphone, there’s no doubt about it.
  • The website will provide you with a live stream of all the matches that happen around major leagues worldwide.

Once it’s just right, it’s easy to download a high resolution version as part of a comprehensive suite of branding assets for social media, your website, and more. Unlike newer sports, soccer logo designs benefit from a long and proud tradition of visual imagery on everything from jerseys and socks to scarves and hats. The most popular soccer logos utilize a crest or shield design in reference to the sport’s European heritage, combining images, symbols, and text into a unified logo inside a geometric shape. This paradigm can be found throughout businesses involved with soccer, on junior league t-shirts, recreational fitness equipment, and more.


All the other players start as outfield players with ten lives each. The outfield players should try and kick the ball in the air to other players so that they can soccer game free online score a goal with a head or a volley. You don’t need to be at practice to practice soccer. You just need a soccer ball and friends to play with!

This rondo game is great as a warm-up drill to a game, or a drill for your practice session. Before we get going, if you’re looking for a place where you can watch the game, then look no further! Here’s a little something I put together earlier with all the info you need.

Ways to watch English Premier League (EPL) football online for Free

Mobdro is a fantastic online app that is available for free. It is widely used for video streaming needs, and it allows users to initiate an easy search for their favorite videos over the internet. This application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. Here you will be able to get lots of interesting features like bookmarking etc. That means one can bookmark his favorite video content to get tune back easily after hours or days. Mobdro TVfree sport possesses a massive database that can save a huge amount of videos.


Some of the Albiceleste’s other global stars like Angel Di Maria and Lautoro Martinez need to start contributing more. The slow start to the Mexico game nearly cost Lionel Scaloni’s side and the manager’s five changes from the opening-day defeat seemed to have no effect in fixing systemic weaknesses in the squad. Substitute Enzo Fernandez, a young midfielder playing Portugal, did at least score a spectacular goal to make the scoreline more comfortable. A draw might be enough if results go right elsewhere, but to make sure (and avoid a difficult last-16 draw) Messi’s men need to win. That set things up nicely for another shock in final Group G games.