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Past Programs

See how our programs are helping people around the world secure a brighter future through seafood. 

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Looking to Nature for a Sustainable Feed Solution 

Seaweed Cookie Education & Production, Chile

Through an educational program at the local trade school, we helped the local community solve two problems at once. We helped establish a program which uses the seaweed that overwhelms the mussel farms to develop an organic, sustainable and socially responsible seaweed cookie to feed the abalone farms.

In spring and summer, local mussel farms are overrun with seaweed, while the abalone industry imports seaweed cookies from Mexico during the winter months. 

We partnered with St. Andrews Smoky Delicacies SA. and Chiloe Seafood to help students at the local technical school produce feed cookies with seaweed harvested from area mussel farms.

Turn the project into a viable industry for the area, generating monies needed to help improve the lives of the people in this impoverished area. 

Using Aquaculture to Keep the Family Unit Intact

Tilapia Farms, Mexico

Coquitos is a small village on Lake Malpaso. Unable to fish in protected areas, locals were forced to travel far to find agricultural work. Together with a global seafood partner, we helped the villagers establish and manage their own co-op tilapia farms, which in turn, improved living conditions for each of the village’s 25 families. The program provided access to electricity, self-sustainability through aquaculture education, fish cultivation equipment, school materials for kids, and most importantly, the opportunity to pass down knowledge through the generations to continue cultivating fish.

Coquitos borders a forested and protected natural reserve which makes fishing and traditional farming impossible.

We helped the locals create tilapia fish farms that qualified to receive government funding. We also donated the first fingerlings, and helped educate, guide and manage the co-ops to get them off the ground. 

Create a sustainable industry for the area that will greatly impact the lives of the locals and help improve the well-being of the community for generations to come. 

Empowering Women to Become Seafood Entrepreneurs 

Micro-loans, India

We helped women in Chennai, India create viable incomes and support their families with micro-loans they used to establish businesses selling seafood in their communities.