Napa Seafood Foundation Establishes Seafood For Heroes Meal Drive to Feed Healthcare Workers

SAN RAFAEL, CA—April 17, 2020—Napa Seafood Foundation, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, has established the Seafood for Heroes meal drive to provide healthy, protein-rich meals to healthcare facilities across the country. Napa Seafood Foundation has gathered its collective resources and network to develop a program that not only helps the people and businesses that drive both the restaurant and seafood industries, but also allows them the opportunity to say thank you and provide a necessary meal to the hard-working healthcare workers around the country.

“We’re all facing challenges the likes of which we’ve never seen. We are truly humbled by the sacrifices of our healthcare workers and first responders, who put their lives on the line for our safety and well-being, each and every day,” said Larry Cotter, Chairman of the Board, Napa Seafood Foundation. “We believe it is our duty, as a seafood industry, to thank and support these frontline heroes the best way we know how: by providing delicious, healthful meals that offer the energy they need to keep fighting for us all.”

The Seafood for Heroes meal drive provides the funds for the food, and restaurant partners handle the cooking and delivery. The program is partnering with a number of both local and national restaurants, including Red Lobster, leveraging the reach and networks these restaurants have to make connections with healthcare workers and first responders in local communities.

In addition to first responders and healthcare workers, the meal drive benefits the restaurant and seafood industries that, like all industries, are experiencing the devastating impact of Covid-19. Napa Seafood Foundation is turning to its partners across the industry to help support the Seafood for Heroes meal drive. Partners like The Food Group, a food and beverage marketing agency, are donating the tools and resources needed to drive awareness of the program and help facilitate donations and support.

To further awareness and expand its footprint, Napa Seafood Foundation is encouraging everyone to spread news of Seafood for Heroes. Any contribution, from awareness to financial support, can help ensure these healthcare workers receive a fresh, well-deserved lunch or dinner break or take-home meal to enjoy with their families.

To learn more about Seafood for Heroes and other ways to help, visit Restaurants interested in getting involved can contact for more information.