2021 Napa Seafood Foundation Initiatives

Are you familiar with our new initiatives to further our mission to support the Seafood Industry around the world? 

We’re happy to announce that we’ve committed to big initiatives this year. Learn whom we will support through our programs and how you can contribute to making a positive impact together!

Choose one cause, choose to help.

Supporting Tuna Fishers in a remote region of Indonesia

This program will provide financial and educational support for the tuna fishing communities on the Banda Archipelago. 

Who are you going to help? This program will generate aid for the fishers and surrounding communities.

Why should you support this initiative? As the region’s main source of income, healthy fishing industry is crucial to survival in this remote area. 

How will you support them? We’re creating a program that combines technical and safety training for fishers, supports gaining sustainable fishery standards certification, reef restoration, and education.

Napa Seafood Foundation - Sustainability Indonesia

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Making Mahi Mahi Sustainable

This project aims to improve sustainability and lessen the environmental impact of Peru’s Mahi Mahi fishing industry.

Who are you going to help? The Peruvian Mahi Mahi fishing community. Peru’s Mahi Mahi industry is responsible for 50% of the world’s catch!

Why should you support this initiative? Achieving Sustainable certification will not only increase sustainability but will also create new socio-economic opportunities in Peru. 

How will you support them? In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and the Peru Mahi Alliance, we are creating and funding a program designed to support the MSC Fisheries Standard certification process.

Napa Seafood Foundation - Sustainability Peru

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Feeding the Growth of a Sustainable Source of Nutrition in Ghana

The aquaculture programs in this tiny village near Ghana’s coast showed great promise. Then, tragedy struck. A mass mortality event due to the worst known disease outbreak in history affected every farm. 

Who are you going to help? The people of Sogakope village in Ghana and the surrounding villages.

Why should you support this initiative? By creating a safe and environmentally responsible aquaculture program in this area, we will be able to offer stability and food security for the population in the entire region.

How will you support them? Building the largest integrated socioeconomic farm in Africa, which will host multiple species to create an interspecies synergy that generates food and jobs for the men and women of the village.

Napa Seafood Foundation - Sustainability Ghana

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Stay tuned for more updates as these programs develop. Your help, even as tiny as a grain of sand, allows us to move mountains.

Have you heard about our successful 2020 program Seafood for Heroes? We were able to provide healthy, protein-rich meals to healthcare workers and first responders.